- updated on 2015-02-12
Troglodyte Warbands can now field units of Gnolls, greatly expanding the strategic options of their faction.

Even their own comrades despise them and trample over them when tactically prudent, and in this way, Reaver Runts can act as a shield in front of other Troglodyte units, preventing them being charged, but allowing the Troglodyte units to charge over the Gnolls.

Alternatively, Reaver Runts could be played as part of an exclusively Gnoll warband, offering the option to field a real horde. With a deployment limit of 6, and 10 models per unit, it's possible to put 60 miniatures on the board for only 318 points!

Individually they are a threat only to a human child, but in packs they become a vile menace.

Being 4ft tall and weedy means that the world in general is a frightening place, treating Fear as Horror.

Their true cowardly nature is masked when they form into a large group, as their LEAD value increases with greater numbers. With the Wildwalker ability, Reaver Runts ignore difficult terrain, making them difficult to catch, especially with their potential movement of 15 inches per turn.

Enemies of the Troglodytes - prepare to be overwhelmed by hordes of Reaver Runts!

Get them at our mail order.
- updated on 2015-02-05
The Technocrat is well versed in all the deadly disciplines of war and supports his forces either from a forward position amid the smoke and fire alongside the skirmishers or from the rear among the temperamental and hazardous war-machines.

His bag of tricks includes a good many useful devices to aid his noble work such as compasses, telescopes, theodolites and throwing-bombs.

Prior to battle, the Technocrat scouts the region, and has sappers dig a pit which they fill with a highly flammable tar. The pit is then covered over, and at a given signal the tar-pit is ignited. He also has areas marked out with painted stones to aid targeting.

Besides that, he can fine-tune war-machines to perform better, and allow their crews to use his line of sight for targeting, allowing them to bombard enemies they cannot see. Even leading melee warbands he can be very useful with tactic enabling units to coat their weapons in deadly chemicals.

This guy can seriously mess up your opponent's day.

Get it now at our mail order.
- updated on 2015-01-16
These characterful sculpts accurately convey the sneaky, underhanded nature of this Gnoll warlord.

Take for example the fact that they gain advanced deployment, and is harder to hit when he moves two or more times.

Alternatively let him lurk in cover (using his Concealment tactic) and then he benefits from a nasty targeting bonus with his shooting.

Besides that, his sneakiness allows him to charge without moving in a straight line.

The Filthling is a master of misdirection, also in directing his troops who are moving about in seemingly random or confused manner while in fact they are performing feints and other ploys. In this way, units can still charge after making a MOV or MEL action!

Although his looks puny (and is puny!), the Filthling is an insidiously handy rascal to have leading your warband, and if he dies (as he likely will!), you probably have his brother nearby since you can deploy two Filthlings as a single warlord choice!

The Filthling adds a new dimension to the Troglodytes, allowing you to field not only Gnolls warbands but also add some sneakiness to your Shadow Trolls or Trolloth sub-faction warbands.

Without a doubt, he is an entertaining little guy to play.

Check it out at our mail order.
- updated on 2015-01-09
The year 2015 starts with one of the mightiest warlords for Godslayer - the Godquester!

She is a real versatile warlord and besides various items she can even choose her sub-faction.

Get your copy at our mail order right now!

Next week: the Grondagh Filthling is ready to bring some sneaky tactics on the table!
- updated on 2014-12-16
The Bisotaur Shaman is the latest addition to the Banebrood faction!

As his lesser fellow the Fallow Shaman he is trained in using the Urghast to mutate friend or foe, but since the Bisotaur Shaman is a warlord, he is even better in doing so!

The Bisotaur Shaman offers some great new ways of playstyle to your Banebrood warband and puts you in control of the primal force known as the Urghast.

You can check out the model at our mailorder!
- updated on 2014-11-14
Ancient beyond time, the Cyclops is a creature twisted by the fury of the Urghast.

During hibernation, the Cyclopses gained a new type of sight, perceiving the magical weave of reality itself, enabling them to see through objects and shoot sorcerous blasts of power from their single eye.

Armed with a broken statue and protected by regenerative Urghast force, the Cyclops strides across battlefields standing 25ft tall, smashing and blasting everything in its path.

This creature is available now in our mail order.
- updated on 2014-10-01
Ahoi everyone!

Today is a special day for us at Megalith Games! Exactly two years ago GODSLAYER was released and we would like to celevrate this special event with all of you who have supported us during this time and those that will join us for future battles!

Let's start with the first good news:

As of today the GERMAN VERSION of the GODSLAYER RULEBOOK is available! We know there are many out there who impatiently waited for this to happen and it finally became possible by all the great support we got from our Kickstarter Backers when we ran the campaign for it. Thanks to all of you! You made it possible for us to release a complete German version of the game in just within 2 years after it has been released!

The second good news is that we are offering a 10% DISCOUNT at our MAIL ORDER! This will last until October 8th next week. Don't miss this great opportunity and do not forget that two new models are already available:

- The Bloodvarg of the Nordgaard
- The Feral Grayhorns of the Troglodytes

Well, soon we will have more news for you and for those of you that do not already know: we are attending SPIEL this year and you are welcome to visit us there! A detailed post about it will exactly tell you when and where to find us!

Best Regards,
Your Megalith Games Team
- updated on 2014-09-15
It has been some time since the last release, but we are still alive and we are about to release some new miniatures very soon!

The first ones will be the Feral Grayhorns of the Troglodytes as well as the Bloodvarg of the Nordgaard!

The release is planned for 25th September but they can already be pre-ordered at our mail order.

They will soon be followed by the Balescorch Cyclops and the Bisotaur Shaman of the Banebrood, the Grondagh Filthling of the Troglodytes and the Godquester of the Halodynes!
- updated on 2014-07-14
All right, we got new bases!

Micro Art Studios are continuing their great work and while the next bases are already in progress, here are the bases for the Halodynes!

You can get them now at our mail order.
- updated on 2014-06-23
Graceful sculptures of gods and heroes animated with divine logos energy are employed by the Halodynes in times of war.

These tall, monstrous creations stomp across the battlefield squashing and splattering enemies who stand in their way.

Not only is the Statue a tool of raw destruction, its fabricated psyche allows Priestesses and Oracles to unleash divine-magic from the statue's location, with an unobstructed view of enemies. In case that were not sufficient, the Animated Statue can also release stored energy, frying enemies in its vicinity.

The Animated Statue is now available at our mail order

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