- updated on 2014-12-16
The Bisotaur Shaman is the latest addition to the Banebrood faction!

As his lesser fellow the Fallow Shaman he is trained in using the Urghast to mutate friend or foe, but since the Bisotaur Shaman is a warlord, he is even better in doing so!

The Bisotaur Shaman offers some great new ways of playstyle to your Banebrood warband and puts you in control of the primal force known as the Urghast.

You can check out the model at our mailorder!
- updated on 2014-11-14
Ancient beyond time, the Cyclops is a creature twisted by the fury of the Urghast.

During hibernation, the Cyclopses gained a new type of sight, perceiving the magical weave of reality itself, enabling them to see through objects and shoot sorcerous blasts of power from their single eye.

Armed with a broken statue and protected by regenerative Urghast force, the Cyclops strides across battlefields standing 25ft tall, smashing and blasting everything in its path.

This creature is available now in our mail order.
- updated on 2014-10-01
Ahoi everyone!

Today is a special day for us at Megalith Games! Exactly two years ago GODSLAYER was released and we would like to celevrate this special event with all of you who have supported us during this time and those that will join us for future battles!

Let's start with the first good news:

As of today the GERMAN VERSION of the GODSLAYER RULEBOOK is available! We know there are many out there who impatiently waited for this to happen and it finally became possible by all the great support we got from our Kickstarter Backers when we ran the campaign for it. Thanks to all of you! You made it possible for us to release a complete German version of the game in just within 2 years after it has been released!

The second good news is that we are offering a 10% DISCOUNT at our MAIL ORDER! This will last until October 8th next week. Don't miss this great opportunity and do not forget that two new models are already available:

- The Bloodvarg of the Nordgaard
- The Feral Grayhorns of the Troglodytes

Well, soon we will have more news for you and for those of you that do not already know: we are attending SPIEL this year and you are welcome to visit us there! A detailed post about it will exactly tell you when and where to find us!

Best Regards,
Your Megalith Games Team
- updated on 2014-09-15
It has been some time since the last release, but we are still alive and we are about to release some new miniatures very soon!

The first ones will be the Feral Grayhorns of the Troglodytes as well as the Bloodvarg of the Nordgaard!

The release is planned for 25th September but they can already be pre-ordered at our mail order.

They will soon be followed by the Balescorch Cyclops and the Bisotaur Shaman of the Banebrood, the Grondagh Filthling of the Troglodytes and the Godquester of the Halodynes!
- updated on 2014-07-14
All right, we got new bases!

Micro Art Studios are continuing their great work and while the next bases are already in progress, here are the bases for the Halodynes!

You can get them now at our mail order.
- updated on 2014-06-23
Graceful sculptures of gods and heroes animated with divine logos energy are employed by the Halodynes in times of war.

These tall, monstrous creations stomp across the battlefield squashing and splattering enemies who stand in their way.

Not only is the Statue a tool of raw destruction, its fabricated psyche allows Priestesses and Oracles to unleash divine-magic from the statue's location, with an unobstructed view of enemies. In case that were not sufficient, the Animated Statue can also release stored energy, frying enemies in its vicinity.

The Animated Statue is now available at our mail order
- updated on 2014-06-19
Bombard your enemy with acid and fire; then watch their advance across the table slow to a stumbling crawl as they expend their action tokens trying to remove the toxic foulness and fire afflicting them.

Even the mere threat represented by a Cataclysm Catapult can paralyse the enemy and throw their carefully constructed strategy into disarray.

This new release for the Mortans faction is a useful addition to any Mortan warband, whichever sub-faction you prefer.

Along with the warmachine itself you get 3 crew models and some scenic accessories.

Check it out at our mail order
- updated on 2014-05-18
Let's face it, Reaver Runts are not the finest infantry in the game, cowardly, weak and poorly armed, their main advantage is their numbers and their cheap points value.

BUT... when you throw a few Packlashers into your Gnoll warband, you instantly and dramatically improve their fighting capabilities.

At 24 points, the Packlasher is an indispensible buffer character for Troglodyte warbands.

Moreover, you can take up to three of these vicious little miscreants.

Not only that, he also allows a Gnoll sub-faction unit of your warband advanced deployment, and has a 2-inch range weapon.

This mini captures the low cunning of the Gnolls perfectly and is now available in our mail order!
- updated on 2014-05-15
A 9ft tall Ogre Berserker armed with whipping chainblades has a similar effect as a lawn-mower, cutting down lightly armed enemies like blades of grass.

The Chainslayers weapon has a range of 2-inches, and affects all models within range with a single Thrash attack.

Their Whirlwind tactic makes them a defensive tool as enemies coming within range automatically suffer damage rolls.

Besides all these logical reasons for getting your hands on a Chainslayer, there is also the fact that it looks so cool.

This awesome new Nordgaard character is available for sales now at our MAIL ORDER
- updated on 2014-05-13
Like all creatures of Dhannya, Banshees are tied to the circle of life and at times demonstrate purposeful action as if guided by the dead goddess.

They have found common cause with the Tuathan Death-Cult and fight beside these warriors of doom with great delight.

The Tuathan regard them highly, naming them the handmaidens of Morrigu (The Death aspect of Dhannya).

Blackwater Banshees haunt the dank swamps, misty fens and desolate moorlands, punishing those they perceive to be despoilers of nature.

The soul-screech of the Banshee rips psychic wounds in their victims, causing hearts to stop and brains to fry in horrifying madness.

The Blackwater Banshee is now available in our mail order.

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