- updated on 2014-04-14
Looking for the ultimate killing machine? Well here it is - the Sons of War.

These warriors have a base MEL of 8, which is as good as some warlords!

Coupled with their considerable POW of 6, they are devastating in melee, especially when taking into account their ability Savage Speed which means they almost always strike first.

What could possibly be better than that you ask? Well what if they also had a missile weapon to assault with as they charged? No problem; the Sons of War also come armed with javelins.

Still something missing? Well how about their Instant Kill tactic which turns critical hits into instant death...

Still not impressed? Well how about the fact that they are unbreakable and immune to Horror with Hardened Will?

By now you must be thinking that nothing tops that. Well it gets even better, because their ability Synchrodyne allows you to activate up to three units of Sons of War in a single activation!

Now Halodyne players can get their eager hands on these professional dealers of death at our mail order.
- updated on 2014-04-14
With massive bows drawn and fired from a reclined position using their legs, the Skullsmasher Oakbows - as these Gnolls are known - are a terror on battlefields across Calydorn.

The bow itself is a composite made from oak, yew and horn, firing 4.5 ft long arrows tipped with crude iron heads that can punch through bronze.

Watch out for these sneaky little fiends hiding in the bushes or nearby hills.

Even mighty melee heroes can be executed by cowardly Gnolls using this devastating weapon.

Troglodyte players will now be able to add this hard-hitting missile power to their warbands!

Order your copy now at our mail order.
- updated on 2014-04-02
We appreciate all feedback from the Godslayer community. Generally we hear: "Rules are awesome, background is amazing, miniatures are fantastic, but painting and photography needs improvement..."

We listen to you guys and we take you seriously, so we are investing more resources in quality paintjobs from here on out!

As part of our upgrade in painting quality, we are happy to announce that we are now working together with a new studio painter who calls himself Il Nano Nefasto!

You can visit his website or facebook page and check out his works!

Giovanni at Il Nano Nefasto (which means the Nefarious Dwarf) will be helping us show how great the minis are with his amazing skills.

He already has a lot of experience painting miniatures for box-art and competitions.

Some of you may have already seen his work on the Skullsmasher Oakbows or the Cataclysm Catapult or the Animated Statue.

Stay tuned to our forum to see new work from him as it gets done.
- updated on 2014-03-03
All right guys and girls, we have warned you about this! The Magabotato vote for the best product 2014 award is online and everyone is welcome to vote their favorite game out of 6 nominees.

The vote goes on until 24th March and we hope you guys help us to make Godslayer gathering some votes! Every vote counts, so share this as much as possible! Everyone can vote!!!

All you need to do is to write an email containing your favorite game and your full name to: kontakt@magabotato.de

So in the best case your email contains GODSLAYER as your favorite game

Participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can even win something by doing that!

So lets gather the forces, spread the word and help Godslayer to become the winner of the best product 2014 award!

For more details, please check out the website (in German): Magabotato Product Award
- updated on 2014-02-28
We have been informed by Magabotato that our game is a nominee for their Product of the Year 2014!

It would be a great honor to get voted and we count on your help to reach this goal!

On monday the vote will open up but so far you can inform yourself HERE.

Be aware that the site is in German, but for all of our Non-German speaking supporters we will let you know how to vote coming monday!

Thanks to all of you that supported us so far and hopefully will continue to support us in the future! Together we can definetely make this game epic!!!

- Andre
- updated on 2014-02-25
The Gut-Hackers are closing in for the kill as their release is now immanent. Storming onto battlefields around the world in the next days, these brutes are monstrous killers with little subtlety.

With their 2-handed war picks, they can punch a fist-sized hole in bronze armor, which in game-terms is represented as a mighty POW of 7.

Their Circular Slash tactic allows them to slash multiple foes with a single attack, and their MEL of 7 means they are likely to score lots of hits!

Besides this, the Gut-Hackers can carry plagues, and their Aura of Corruption improves the spell-casting capabilities of nearby shamans.

Get yourself a herd of these brutes at our mail order.
- updated on 2014-02-25
The Cromlech Guard have arrived to bolster the fighting power of the Wyldfolk.

These guardians of cromlech-temples are the strong arm of the Druids, and protectors of the magical network of leylines.

With a MEL of 7 and POW5 axes, these heroic warriors are likely to cause damage on most attacks they make.

In addition they have tactics enabling them to plow through the masses (Circle of Death) or concentrate extra power on a single individual with a devastating blow (Cleave).

Moreover, they possess the tactic Defiant in Death making them impossible to route, and they are equipped with heavy brigandine armor, giving them an ARM of 8.

These elite defenders will be a welcome addition to any Wyldfolk warband.

Now available at our mail order.
- updated on 2014-02-05
Hi everyone, our dedicated italian players have put up an english version of their first Godslayer Tournament for all of you to enjoy:

Tournament Review

So have a look at this great article and let them and us know what you think!
- updated on 2014-01-02
Here they are, the Praetorian Carnifexer - the elite heavy infantry of the Mortan Empire.

With MEL7 and POW6, they can cleave their way through a horde of lesser troops, and with a base ARM of 8, they remain well protected from danger.

Carnifexer are also versed in deadly decapitating moves increasing their critical damage, and are of course made of stern stuff (with Hardened Will).

Besides that, their tactics provide them improved fighting stats or the ability to strike first when being attacked (even when charged!).

Get them now at our mail order!
- updated on 2014-01-02
Kinswords arm themselves with heavy, one-handed swords and circular shields, allowing them plenty of versatility but denying them any specialization.

Their armor of chainmail and leather covers the most vital areas, while leaving them unencumbered for speed.

Costing only 9 points each and possessing a MEL of 6, these ferocious militia warriors are a great offensive tool in the Nordgaard toolbox.

Moreover, they can even use their shields as weapons to make extra attacks during an activation.

Even without these advantages, the awesomeness of the miniatures alone are enough reason to buy a bunch of them.

You may purchase them now at our mail order!

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